The best SFF Case for GTX 670

Hi all,

I have the following components :

CPU : i7 2700k @4.6 GHZ
PSU : Corsair TX 750 W V2 Enthuthiast Series
GPU : Gigabyte Gtx 670 OC Windforce Edition 3x
RAM : 16 GB of DDR3 - 1600 MHZ
M.B. : AsRock Z77 Extreme 4

And I need the best Small Form Factor case to fit all those in it, now I have the Nzxt Lexa S, but it starts after 2 years to sound old, plus some her shinny lights and fan controls are no longer working

so all what i need is to fit those components into the smallest small form factor case possible, to makes it easy for me to carry , and i think it would be cool if it is smaller :)

so please give me any suggestions for available small form factor cases that could fits my setup

Thx :)
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    Your motherboard is a full ATX motherboard. It will not fit in any small case.
    You could use a ITX motherboard like this:
    Then, you could use a cm elite 120:
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