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I have a XFX HD 7850 1GB Core edition gpu and the fan is dying on me after a year and a few months. I've tried contacting XFX support last monday, but I have yet to hear back from them.
Here is the card:
I'm wondering if I should just buy some replacement fan from newegg.

I'm currently looking at these ones:

I checked tiger direct and they don't seem to have anything.
What do you guys think?
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  1. Make sure the holes align up, and don't over tighten. I've been looking for a replacement fan too , im freakin amazed no company has addressed this market very much.

    Newegg has some really cool heat sinks that would work too, but ya gotta have space in the case cause its tall.
    10 million dollar vidcard, cause of death 5.00 fan.
  2. If you card has stayed cool with the single fan, why not check with XFX and just get a replacement fan. Or see what size the fan is and find an online replacement.

  3. Not an ideal solution, and you would have to take the fan and shroud off. Do that anyway and see how the fan is connected to the shroud/heatsink. A common fan size for video cards is 92mm and you can find quite a few replacement parts online.

    Other options would be to just take a stock 92mm or 120mm fan and try to jam it in there under the shroud.

    As an extreme, you can pick up complete GPU cooling solutions (fan/heatsinks) for about $50.
  4. And if you buy a cheap fan with poor bearings you will bring the risk of added noise and the chance of it pooping out again sooner than one might expect. Every time a vidcard fan poops out you run the risk of frying the card no matter if it has temp-shutdown or not ( but temp-shutdown does give you Much greater odds of it not frying ).
  5. I've had a look at the fan and it is actually a 60mm fan that runs on 12v and 0.43amps. I've spent some time looking on the internet with no option close to that. Also the fan is connected by 3 screws, and the fan uses a 4-pin connector.
  6. Eximo said:
    Maybe this?

    Quite a few 60mm three screw fans out there.

    Does it matter if I use the 2-pin fan that you mentioned, or should I strictly stick with one that has a 4-pin header?
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    That was just an example and would probably mechanically fit. Unless XFX will send or sell you a replacement fan I'm not seeing any options but two pin for 60mm. Your video card might not like it without the sensor wire, but it should spin.

    There are 4pin 60mm PWM fans out there, but all are cased rather then the three screw arrangement.

    Here are new two-pin from a supplier, seems everyone has them for 8.49
  8. Good news! XFX got back to me and they are going to send me a new fan. I would probably rate their service level 3.5/5. I was hoping they would get back to me sooner but they did get back to me and provide a solution at the same time.
    Thanks for all of the suggestions.
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