fan too fast!

Noob here, a store mounted a computer i've requested with this spec:
srock970de3/u3s3, hd sapphire 7850, phenom II x4 965, 8 gb di ram, and case thermaltake commander.

since the noise it's pretty loud, i've checked this

and looking on various site, i can see that 5000 it's too much.
I'm worried the all thing blows up xD I'm not concerned with overcloack and stuff, i just want everything to go ok, i would enjoy less noise for the fan.
The bios is updated, i didn't touch anything in it, cool n quiet is enabled now but nothing changes.

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  1. Hi,
    Start by reading this

    Check you temps and fan rpm: do you know what fan is doing a lot of noise ?
    Usually fans runs fast when it's too hot and also, since a store has build your pc, it should be under warranty and I would make then check that out.
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