Which case would be best for this build?

'm about to upgrade my current pc with these components
which out of these 5 cases would be my best choice?
i'm not a case expert so i'm not quiet sure to what i should be looking for, i want a quiet case with lots of space for fans because i'll be overclocking my vga card and cpu. which do you guys think is best overall? i'm willing to give up on a quiet case if the other has just better overall quality. please explain why one case is better than the other.
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  1. use PC part picker and find cheaper products, then list them using the BB code, it will be easier to follow.
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    Cases are personal, the best your going to get is people recommending the most common ones around. Do some research on your own, find a case that you like and can live with looking at it every day. Then google it for reviews, look at pictures, see what other people have done to the case. Jump on and look at everyone of the case and read the reviews there are all your pros and cons for each case, then see what you can live with and what you cant. that will determine what case is better then the rest.
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