Radeon 4800 Driver Crashing During Video Play

I've had this problem for a while and it's driving me nuts. I'm thinking about rolling the driver back a few versions to see if that fixes it but I wanted to check and see if something else was the problem.

Playing videos with a flash player causes the display driver to crash every once in a while. It recovers without rebooting the computer but it has screwed up sketchup a few times and I have lost a good deal of work because of it. Happens with or without sketchup being open. As far as I can tell it's only happening with Flash video.
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  1. i have an hd 4870 had the same problem. try unchecking the hardware accelleration box in flash.while video is running,right click anywhere on the video and uncheck the hardware accelleration box.
  2. That doesn't fix the problem it just works around it. I need it to be hardware accelerated so I can work while watching video. Also my CPU isn't keeping up with the video on it's own. It gets choppy at high resolutions. I remember updating the driver and then the problem started.
  3. try rolling back the driver.if you have win 7 try uninstalling the driver and letting windows install its own driver.
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