I don't know if my fan controller can handle all my fans

I have an Apevia X-dreamer4 case and i have a total of 6 fans in it while newegg doesn't specify the wattage of each fan in the case i don't know if my fan controller can handle all my fans All i know is i have 1 200mm led fan, 1 120mm led fan, and 4 120mm fans i need to know if my fan controller channels will able to handle these fans here the links


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  1. Most fans use up to a maximum of 6 watts, it takes some really fast moving and huge fans to get anywhere near 30W. The biggest fan I have runs at 12V .36 amps ~4 Watts, an 84CFM 120mm fan, which are way too loud to use anyway... my 140mm use even less power. Maybe a 220mm fan or something like that can push 30W...
  2. Looked at a few 200mm fans on newegg, highest I saw was .30 Amps.
  3. so i should be good then im just trying to get all my parts in order before i order them
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