Very high CPU temps.

I'm using a 3770k @4.3GHz with a Corsair h100i cooler. I recently sent my old h100i off for a new one because the LED had broken, and just got and installed my new one today and the temperatures seem very high and inconsistent.

I used to get idle temps of around 30c-35c and rarely went over 60c at load with an overclock of 4.7GHz and ambient temps of around 23c-26c. Now with my new one, which I used Arctic MX-4 with instead of the stock paste like with my old cooler, I found that it idles anywhere from 40c-50c and under extremely light load, it sits at 50c-55c.

I ran prime95 for a few seconds but shut it down quickly because it made the temperatures go over 100c almost instantly.

Have any of you got any suggestion? I only applied a little thermal paste (about the size of half a pea)

tl;dr: Idles at 40c-50c with 26c ambient after installing new h100i and new thermal paste.
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    Probably not working correctly then.

    Make sure the pump is working. Make sure the fans are spinning. If you had a custom fan profile before, you will probably have to create it again.

    You might try removing it to see if you actually have good surface contact between the cooler and chip.
  2. Is it possible the water pump is not working? I don't own a h100i myself but is there a power connector for the water pump?
  3. The fans definitely work and the Corsair link software says that the pump is working fine too. I'm currently trying Eximo's suggestion of seeing if it is installed correctly. I'm hoping that it just has bad contact with the CPU.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for your suggestions. After trying what Eximo said, my temps have dropped to 28c idle and 61c with 100% load. So relieved that it was just the contact/thermal compound that was the problem.

    Now I can put my CPU back up to 4.7GHz. Again, thank you.
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