MS Works..'Out of Memory' error message

have MS Works 7.0 installed on all my PC's/Laptops.. cannot print any of the Database or Excel files.. I keep on getting error message.. 'Out of Memory'.. using HP Printers new and old.. same scenario on all the computers.. Win 7..XP.. Vista

any quick fix.. ?? I've used Works Database for a long time just out of convenience...

any help/info/advice appreciated
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  1. Hi,

    You can try this solution of Microsoft's if you haven't tried yet:

    Good luck!
  2. thanx... ..

    no other programs are open when this occurs ...I tried similar solutions from MS.. they said to check the Printer drivers... from what I've read later editions of Works 8.0 and above do not have this problem.. just thought maybe someone on here knew of a fix .. don't want to get crazy-involved messing with the registry if I don't have to since all other programs are working and printing fine...
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