Every game crashes, what's the problem?

Fresh install windows, formatted disk, copied some files over from my external hard drive, tried to play a game on steam (mw2) and it crashes within a few minutes, refreshed windows 3x and the third time i installed the graphics driver and then played a game directly after installing drivers and it still does it, never used to do it, all temps low, i cant figure out the problem help!!!

Windows 7 professional
AMD Athlon 4x 3.00ghz
6gb ram
750 watt PS
WD external hard drive
Acer 24" Monitor
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  1. The files you copied over... were they the games? You weren't copying stuff that had to be installed, were you?
  2. Remove and reinstall graphics drivers. What are you using to monitor your temps and are you doing it WHILE gaming or before and after? (GPUs are very efficient at cooling down after they are out of load, and even a few moments post gaming, your temp software may be recording normal or close to normal temps...)
  3. No, all i copied over was my steam files and origin, and my temp when loading up is approx 26C and the highest it gets before the game crashes its about 30-35C, When i install the graphics driver of the CD, it installs a program called ASUS GPU Tweak so thats what i measure in, I am really puzzled:/
  4. It may be best to download and install Steam and Origin fresh. And definitely do that for the games themselves. Yes, I know... it is suppose to work by doing it that way, but not always trouble-free I've found.

    Uninstall any games and the steam/Origin packages, then do a CCleaner.
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