New Gaming/Work PC For $900 Max.

Hi, everyone.

I don't have any knowledge about how to build a PC or what parts to get -been reading lots of reviews lately but to no avail- so here is me asking for help.

Approximate Purchase Date: Within 1-3 months

Budget Range: $900 is max. -with or without the monitor depends on you really-

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Working, Movies

Are you buying a monitor: Yes

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Conrad, Asbis -also has a Turkish site-,Yenicarsim -fully Turkish site-

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Parts Preferences: I don't have any brands in my mind.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: I have one with 1280*1024 resolution -it is an old LCD- but will also purchase another one, probably widescreen but not sure about the resolution. 1366*768 seems nice.

Additional Comments: I am mostly using translation programs and Photoshop. I am playing WoW, Dota 2, Path of Exile in my spare time but I am also trying to play the latest games -my laptop doesn't let me and I am yet to try Crysis 3, CoH 2-. Honestly I want to be able to play games without them getting choppy. Oh, please I want to use a silent PC before I die.

Why Are You Upgrading: I have switched to a laptop almost two years ago however I like to play games in my spare time and my laptop doesn't live up to that expectation. I am currently using a Toshiba Satellite C660D -school-issued laptop and I carry it everywhere-. I also have to read long and I mean really long texts -lecture notes, contracts, expertise reports etc.- and I need to compare them with various sources and I am translationg texts in my "other" spare time. So I will be using two monitors to easily do all of this -alt+tabbing everytime to the other text and then back to other one is pretty boring to be honest and while I have the chance I want a second monitor-. You might say that I can do this on the laptop aswell but you can't imagine how hot and slow the laptop gets after a few hours of usage even with a decent cooler.

Sorry for the wall of text and thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm a bit short on time so I probably won't be able to respond to this post but it maybe a good idea to list sites (assuming you know some) where you normally would buy from so it can act as a bit of a guide on prices.
  2. As stated above, Conrad is the best choice. However in TurkeyYenicarsim is the best choice to buy components but the site is in Turkish so that might be a problem for you.
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