need advice on card.

I was on Ebay looking at graphics cards and am considering picking up 2 XFX Core Edition radeon 7770's would it be worth it.
or could i get a better deal at around $114.00 on another card?
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  1. You're looking to crossfire the GPU's? If you can't stretch your budget a bit more and get the GTX650ti then get the HD7770. The core edition also comes with 2x fans with ghost thermal technology which allow for better heat displacement and not to mention the card itself looks cool as hell. If you're wanting to crossfire them don't bother. Just get a single card solution such as the HD7870LE
  2. You could get a GTX650 Ti for less than that and it's a far better card:
  3. well both cards are costing me 100 in all
  4. Chris Kennedy said:
    well both cards are costing me 100 in all

    Then get the 650ti just make sure your PSU is up to the task
  5. what power supply is recommended i think mines a shitty cheap one, im gonna open my case later today and find out, i cant remember
  6. Crossfiring two entry level cards is simply no point. I would invest in a 660 atleast, 650ti is fairly weak, and won't perform very well in games at 1080p. I would personally go with the 760 as it's dirty cheap right now. You can pick it up for $249.99 right now.
  7. im 17, have to work to get money, stingy grandfather so 249= a long time.

    besides would it bottleneck my AMD-fx-6200
  8. due to it being a current gen, but somewhat weaker cpu
  9. Chris Kennedy said:
    due to it being a current gen, but somewhat weaker cpu

    Nah you're fine in the bottleneck department. The 650ti would run well on a CX430 but id get the CX500 just do be fine. I have a CX430 myself.
  10. The GTX650 Ti is an excellent card for 1080p provided you don't insist on turning up all your settings to max. Most games should run fine medium-high, with lower settings for the most demanding games like Crysis 3 (which can run perfectly smoothly on the Ti at 1080p and AA with reduced settings).
  11. ive actually found a cheap intel cpu and good motherboard at my local bestbuy,

    gonna pick that up with my new GPU and get some more out of my rig
  12. that cpu = one of the new haswells
  13. Sounds like a good plan :-) Which model?
  14. umm

  15. its already on big sale.
  16. would someone be willing to skype chat me through installation of the intel shit and all that, im a noob and dont want to fuck something up..

    pardon language LOL
  17. Consider yourself pardoned. Nice CPU there! Just follow the instructions in the motherboard manual (or Youtube) and you'll be fine. No need to force anything - just sit the CPU in the socket and close it, then attach the heatsink. I don't do IM, social networking etc but post back if there's something specific you're unsure about.
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