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I recently bought a new mother board and ram and cpu and a video card. Everything installed smoothly. Go to start up pc get problem screen and repair. Repair obviously failed. So i figure i have to install 7 all over again. Put my disc in and it doesnt work. I force boot the disc from my bios and still doesnt work. Im all out of ideas. I need some serious help.
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  1. May want to reset the CMOS and see if it runs, with all the new hardware may have been a conflict (don't forget to set the system time and date after resetting CMOS)
  2. Reset it and nothing else has changed. Im all out of ideas :(
  3. Give details of all your hardware specs including make & model etc

    When install to SSD, you should have other hdd's disconnected until after the installation.
    Set hdd to AHCI prior to install.
    Set primary boot option to the OS install device
    When you format the hdd, use Full Format and not Quick Format.

    Prior to actually installing, you should ensure that all your hardware is compatible, the thermal paste is adequate, the ram is seated, and the PSU cables are in the correct connections including the 12v cable. The 12v cable is usually black and yellow wire, recent users have confused the GPU cable for the 12v cable.

    Don't use mollex adapter connectors for the video card or the hdd.
    Make sure allcables are not tight strung, allow a fair amount of slack between PSU and each device.
    Only use as many fans as the motherboard has connections.
    If your case has its own fans, and they are mollex connectors, make sure they are not on the same cable line as differing v/a devices.
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