CPU's core got damaged?

Hi, I have a i7 2670QM 2.2 ghz (lenovo Ideapad Y570)

I set the processor power to 99% so that it doesn't activate the turbo boost that i7 2670QM has.

Anyway, the issue I am having is the load of the CPU

I am using realtemp to monitor the CPU load and temperature

two days ago, I just wanted to do a test for cpu temperature, so I turned on the GPU and played BF3. Then the load of the CPU was 30~50% and that makes the CPU temperature goes up to 80's C in just few minutes. Compare to last year around this time, the load of the CPU was around 20~30%, temperature was around 70's and 80's C.

I also played Diablo 3, the load of the CPU was about 20~30%, last year was 10~20 (I think?).

I thought might be the CPU's core got damaged and might be the reason that load of CPU increased. I opened the task manager and watched in on the performance tap but I don't think it's damaged core...

Anyway.. why is the load of the CPU increased compare to last year when playing BF 3? is it because of virus?

I didn't try clean install yet and didn't reapply thermal paste since I have to disassemble the whole laptop to access the cpu and gpu of the laptop.
(I cleaned the fans and vents recently, just vents and fans)

Thanks in advance.!
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  1. If your CPU was damaged, your computer wouldn't work at all. Ergo, it is just fine.

    Laptop CPUs are designed to operate at temperatures well into the 90s, 80 degrees is quite normal.

    The load increase is just a result of your installing stuff and not performing regular maintenance on your computer. BF3 is also a fairly demanding game that has undergone some updates. It is expected that the performance profile of the game would change over time.

    There's nothing to worry about here. No need to take your laptop apart, just keep the vents clean.
  2. Okay, I thought the CPU's core was damaged because of the load increase over year.

    anyway Thank you for the reply :)
  3. no problem

    its normal, more app, more documents more things to load, more load on CPU
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