P5LD2, ATI Radeon HD 5450 ddr2

Would this motherboard be able to handle this graphics card, it currently has a radeon 1050 series someone said to go for 7000 but I found ATI Radeon HD 5450 wasn't sure if it could handle it it's ddr2 pciE, as well what would be the best Pentium D cpu for this currently running pentium 4 HT Also I am running windows 7 i've been reading that the 7000 isn't able to run on. Doesn't make sense that a 1050 would and a 7000 wouldn't.
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    It should run - OK - the card is backward compatible as far as PCI-E goes, you'll prob be bottlenecked by your other components, in other words it won't fly and crank out FPS like it would on a newer system, but might be first step towards upgrading to a newer system ;)
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