Power Button doesn't seem to work after new hardware; Computer turns on when PSU is turned on.

Hey there.

Recently I purchased a new GIGABYTE mobo as well as a new CPU, heatsink+fans, and RAM. Everything seems to be ok with the computer, except for the fact that the power button seems to be unresponsive (The PSU switch turns on the computer. Not the power button. The power button LED does work however), and Im having trouble with Windows, which is alright --- I was expecting a buggy OS and believe I can handle it.

However I did a little bit of looking around for the PSU problem, and someone said that there could be a short, or that the mobo is just a bad mobo.

I was thinking that was the issue for a few hours yesterday, but idk. Everything else works seemingly fine, and Im thinking that I may have just wired something up incorrectly.

Anywho, Im not exactly sure what is or how to pinpoint the problem and fix this. Is there any way that you think you'd be able to help me with this?

(And yes, I am rather new with this sort of stuff. Go easy on me :P)


(EDIT --- I may have not been thorough enough) What Im hoping the problem is currently is just incorrectly wired headers. You see, almost all of my hardware is new except the actual case itself. The headers on my new mobo are marked, but their corresponding case wires are not (probably because I wasn't expected to do this sort of thing with an old HP case). Would just playing around with these and just going by trial and error be OK?
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  1. did you plug in your power button wires correctly into the headers?
  2. Hey. Thanks for the info. Ill look into that thread.

    As for the header, Im not sure. Every piece of hardware in my case is somewhat new except for the DVD drive and the case itself. Because of that, the corresponding plugins for each header are actually unmarked, and im hoping that I may have just incorrectly plugged them in.
  3. Jcurry, That's what Im hoping the problem is as opposed to the suggested "bad mobo" answer. At the moment im just looking for any possible errors that could result in this happening. Would incorrectly wired headers actually make my computer start up via PSU switch?
  4. Probably wouldn't - I would expect it to stay off until the power button is pressed. Though if you had shorted out the power headers by connecting both LED ground wires, it might act as though it had been held down. Would have thought it would end up in a boot loop though.

    If you unplug everything from the front panel header, what happens?
  5. I updated the original post. I feel as though I wasn't thorough enough.

    @SomeoneSomewhere, I'll try unplugging the front panel headers in a sec. By that, do you just mean the power button, or everything else (USB, mic, audio, etc.)

    Also, the boot loop sort of what i meant by my problem with windows. The power stays on, and windows crashes whenever it tries to load (it cuts to BSOD for about half a second and then the computer restarts). I assumed something in windows didn't work correctly, and that reformatting will fix it.
  6. Just the stuff on the big block of pins - HDD LED, power LED, power button, reset button, speaker/buzzer (if present).
  7. Gotcha. I'll get back to you in a few.
  8. Now the computer simply stays off. Im hoping that this means I simply wired the headers wrong? :D
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    Sounds like it. Plug in just the power button, and see what happens.
  10. Alrighty. As stated in my post, my case wires that plug into those headers are unlabeled (It's an HP case with all new-ish hardware lol) so this may take a few tries.

    Ill get back to you in a second.
  11. It works!

    The BSOD went away thankfully. Windows wont start either but I was kind of anticipating that much.

    On a side note though, my computer started up, stopped for a second (the fans and such just sort of stopped, and the LED on one of my heatsink fans went out) and then started back up by itself the next second just fine. No strange noises or any other noticible abnormalities.

    Everything seems to be moving along A-OK. The problem I listed before only occured when I pressed the power button for my PSU's LED.

    My windows reformatting disks are working now (they werent before) and Im in the process of doing so right now.
  12. So yeah. Thank you so much for the help! :)
  13. Nice to know it's all working.
  14. Yeah. My recovery disks aren't working now (they are hp recovery disks. maybe the new mobo is interfering with that or something? idk). It's just stuck at 0%. If worst comes to worst i could upgrade to windows 7 i suppose.
  15. They may only have the right drivers for your old board.

    You might need a new OS due to licensing etc. - Microsoft doesn't like people running OEM copies on different boards, though they might if you call them up and say you're using the old case. Probably not enough though, I can't remember the exact requirements.
  16. Yeah. HPs being difficult. Looks like I'll have to get a new copy of windows. Ill contact microsoft in the meantime.

    Anywho, thanks for all of the help today and for putting up with me and my uninformed self :P haha. Take it easy :)
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