GPU fan speed on 8800 GT

I am a complete novice when it comes to graphics cards, but I have an 8800 GT and I'm currently idling at 65 degrees at 40% fan speed.

I will say that I'm a bit scared to put the fan speed up past 50% since I don't know if that can kill it faster and/or just give me a giant headache with the sound of it.

Please tell me if I'm just being stupid and should just raise the fan percent.

And yes, I know it's an old card but I don't have the money to upgrade.
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  1. Fan speed will not break anything, but you should clean the card, its probably full of dust.
  2. they made a lot of 8800's. they all ran hot. clean as suggested. up fan speed if you can tolerate the noise.

    it's also an old card. maybe removing the heat sink, cleaning up paste and reapplying new would have some benefit.
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