Looking for a budget graphics card. Can my 650w psu run 2x gtx 295?

Hi guys,
I am looking for a new graphics card for my pc as mine is rubbish. I am on a very tight budget of about £60. I have been looking around ebay for some time but I am not very aware of what I am looking for. I was hoping for a SLI configuration but another very powerful card will suffice. I have seen 2 gtx 295 available which i hope will go cheap. However, I have a xfx singe rail 650w psu. Will this be able to run this configuration without ruining my components? thank you

MB: asrock p67 extreme 6
cpu: i3-3220 @3.3ghz
RAM: 2x g.skill ripjaw 4gb
OS: win 7 64bit
current graphics: palit gt 630 2gb
2 hdds
just a few fans, extra usb etc
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  1. £100 is still over my budget. Do you have any recommendations for a bit cheaper? and possible a gtx card?
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