how to make bootable dvd

I downloaded win 8 os, it is in image file.
How to burn it into bootable dvd.
So that I can install win 8 os.
I am having nero 7
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  1. 99% sure I've used this for Windows 8 as well and it works fine.
  2. You don't need anything special to create a bootable DVD. Just burn the ISO from Microsoft using Nero 7 that you have, and it will work fine.
    You need however to check in your BIOS that the boot order starts with the DVD. If not, it will boot first on your harddrive and will never load your DVD.

    Note however that you can as well launch the Win 8 DVD from your current windows installation (if any) and that the installation process can start from there.

    The only thing which requires special setup is to create a bootable USB flash drive.
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