Overclocking a Pentium Dual-Core E2140 with intel PI945GCM motherboard.

canyou give information about overclocking my cpu with any software.?
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  1. Software?
    Well..You could raise the vcore a bit..
    Download Setfsb and use that..
    ICS9LPRS419DFLF or
    CV110JPVG or
    The real way to find your PLL is to look at the square chip that's near an oblong silver diode on your motherboard.If it has a Realtek monster or'll be Realtek.
    If not;Try to get the numbers off of the chip.
  2. can you give me process how to use it? i'm beginner to it. is it safe?

    & what are this number for ?
    ICS9LPRS419DFLF or
    CV110JPVG or
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    Ok..You download Setfsb here:,0305-23048.html
    then put those numbers into the box..and one should work.
    Then you click the arrows to the right and "setfsb"
    That's not an overclocking motherboard, but you should be able to get 200 Mhz or so
  4. OK.I got it. thanx for your time.
  5. No problem :)
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