Can I use two monitors with one DVI port? (Please read description)


I have a PC which consists of a single DVI port and it also has a VGA port. I want to get two HD 1080p monitors (21 Inch) and was wondering whether if I can use the single DVI port to connect both the monitors for example using an adapter to connect the two monitors and connect it in single DVI port for example like the image link below,
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  1. A product link would have been more helpful, to allow examining the description, but that adapter might just duplicate the signal to both monitors, instead of allowing the desktop to be stretched across both. However, why can't you just use the DVI output for one monitor and the VGA output for the other?
  2. The adapter you showed will duplicate the image on both monitors.
  3. Just plug the one up to the VGA. There is a slight picture quality drop, but nothing too bad. I ran my monitor on VGA for a year till I finally got a cheap HDMI cable and didn't notice much of a diff.

    Or, buy a better video card. Ones with HDMI, DVI, VGA, Displayport, can be had for $30 and up. Considering your card only has 2 ports, I can't imagine it's that high end of a card.
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