Nvidia 2d Surround Problems

I just wanted to find out whats wrong with my setup that is stopping my 2d Surround from working. When I select span displays, it unchecks the box and sometimes crashes.

Details about my setup.

I have:
- Gigabyte GTX 670 4GB
- 24" ACER V246HL Connected to displayport via dvi to dp adaptor
- 17" IBM L170 TFT
- 17" Toshiba Matsushi

From what I've read it may be the adapter I'm using as it isn't an active adapter. I haven't had any problems when I was using my old 32" TV as my middle screen connected via HDMI. I just wanted to see if anyone had seen this problem and knew what was wrong before I went out to by a $25 active displayport adaptor.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. I'm not sure about this, but it could be that your monitors do not have the same native resolution. I'm only guessing because 17 inch monitors usually aren't 1080p
  2. Why don't you use a HDMI to DVI adapter instead? I thought the DP port was for a fourth monitor that would be separate from the spanned display.
  3. I dont think that the resolution is the issue because I've had it working previously with a 32" TV and forcing resolutions.

    I was thinking about using the hdmi to dvi adaptor as well but didnt want to fork out the cash unless i knew it worked. Have you had any success with 2 dvi connections and a dvi to hdmi connector?
  4. I was just parroting what I have seen on the Nvidia website as I only use two monitors myself.

    What's with the Windows 8 thing by the way?
  5. Ohh ok. Thanks anyway.

    And I'm not sure. Im posting off my phone right now and not sure how it came up/how to get rid of it.
  6. Clicking on BBCode makes it go away but it doesn't seem to actually be in your post, weird.
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