GTX 670 vs GTX 760 vs AMD 7950

Hey guys, i'm building a new pc next month with a budget of £1000, and i'm stuck on what GPU to purchase for the machine. As the 760 has just released, and its nearly as fast as a gtx 670 for a lot cheaper, that card is drawing me in, but so is the 7950(vapor x). The 760's are priced at around £220-£230, and the 7950's £230-260, with the vapor x being £260, and the 670's around £280-£310.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. If you're overclocking the 7950, but don't get the vapor-x version that has a voltage lock on it, instead get the dual-x version. If you're not overclocking, the GTX760 definitely.
  2. Wow thanks for the quick reply and the advice! As it is my first build, i don't really want to be overclocking a lot so i'll probably just leave the 7950 then. Just one thing, is the 670 worth the extra £80 for the performance, or should i save that for sli in the future?
  3. You're not going to want to go with more than one 7950 until AMD makes an official statement regarding a fix for crossfire issues. It's supposed to happen within the next month, but I waited over a year (3 years ago) with AMD cards and crossfire issues didn't clear up. Two or three months ago, AMD finally acknowledged microstuttering issues with crossfire.

    If you think you're going to go with more than one GPU at some point, my money's on Nvidia right now. That could change, but we haven't heard much out of AMD regarding any progress with their drivers and multi-GPU setups.

    If you can get the 670 though, it's going to give you the best performance:,3542-9.html

    But if cost is an issue, the 760 is not too shabby at all.
  4. 5 weeks till the crossfire fix is released. Hope its actually worth a damn
  5. the 760 isn't too far behind the 670 from all the benchmarks I've seen,considering the price and its sheer performance i'd say the GTX 760 is a winner
  6. Intel God said:
    5 weeks till the crossfire fix is released. Hope its actually worth a damn

    Me too. I like my 780s, but I'm sick of feeling forced into buying Nvidia. I want a choice no matter which way I decide. With the crossfire issues, that takes AMD right off the table for me.
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