Need help plugging the I/O panel from new case into motherboard

I am upgrading and transferring parts for my first build. Upon opening up the case I noticed many 2 pin connectors but I do not know where they go as they were not explained in the instruction manual as well as the other plugs. My case is the CM Storm Scout 2 advanced,
and my motherboard is an OEM, If someone could please most clearly label were the I/O panel plugs go I would be very satisfied. I believe I can figure out where the rest of the USB plugs go from the limited manual that came with the case. Thanks


I am talking about all this random 2 pin plugs and stuff that have to do with the power switch and such.
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    GIGABYTE M3970AM-HP (Angelica) F_PANEL (Front Panel Header) pinout

  2. ko888 said:
    GIGABYTE M3970AM-HP (Angelica) F_PANEL (Front Panel Header) pinout

    Thank you very much!
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