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Hey guys , so i'm buying the new 760 GTX soon and i'm not sure which card should i get , i was going for the EVGA ACX SC dual fan version but when i saw reviews about it in Techpowerup , i stepped back because of its noisy fans. The MSI Twinfrozer IV was the best one and got the highest review score but its benchmarks were not impressive as it got -2 or less FPS than all other brands and the reference version. I was worried if I overclock it to the level of the EVGA SC version it will get noisy and brick.

Please tell me which one should I buy :D

also, I want to buy a new power supply for 50$ or less , please recommend me a good one.

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    Remember, not all card are overclocked as much as the other one.

    Like if MSI card has 1000mhz core
    EVGA has 1050mhz core

    EVGA would win in a benchmark, but you can overlock yourself, the cooler is what matters. Choose the one with best cooling, factory overlocking means nothing since you can do it yourself! :)
  2. The EVGA GTX 760 w/ ACX is a pretty nice one!
  3. I got the KFA2 card today. great O/Cs . My card does 1200Mhz ( 1306Mhz boost) and 1900Mhz memory stable with 70% fan and 72'C at load.

    A review here
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