gpu 7850 fluctuating on idle and in games

i have a sapphire 7850 OC edition.
my gpu usage spikes from 0% - 4% - 0% - up to 21% randomly on idle. is this normal. any ideas what's causing this? im curious if this would harm my system.
or is this some kind of bug on gpuz?

update:now im experiencing random spikes from 0% - 80% when browsing or in youtube.. is this normal?. watchin videos or browsin shouldnt be using that much load on my gpu right?
ive print screened my gpu status. here it is
and sometimes my cores/mem fluctuates when tabbing from a game on windowed mode to 300-450-1050core/150-1250mem.
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  1. Nah! Its just normal.

    When something uses your GPU, it loads up and when it gets done, it again reverts back to normal. There are many things which can use your video and and Youtube is one of them.

    Watching video uses a video card for sure. No worries, that would not damage your card in any way.

    The risk is when the temperature fluctuates which is constant in your case.

    All is well.
  2. i just noticed somethin my gpu voltage is jumpin from .825v(stock) - .900v -1.21v(stock) when tabbing from a game.. this only occurs when im playing a game on windowed fullscreen/borderless. i didnt experience this on my previous card. and when that happpens my core/mem clocks jumps from 300-450-1050core/150-1250mem. too. its just weird that this happens. is my card faulty? btw i overclocked my card +1ghz on core clock.
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    Once again that is not faulty by any means.

    Let me explain this to you -

    Actually the thing with a video card and CPU is that, they have a given clock speed of xx MHz / GHz. But under 0% load they stay at much lower clock rates than the given ones and also use much lower power (thus voltage).

    Suppose you have a video card which is clocked at 950 MHz.

    Under 0% usage, it would stay at 100 MHz and core voltage would be much lesser. When it would be at its 50% usage, it would hit around 550 MHz clock speed and voltage would increase in correspondence to that. When it would be at its 100%, it would be at full 950 MHz and voltage would also be at its max given.

    All this happens dynamically according to the need of the software running at the moment. If you want you can also force voltage and clock speeds of a video card / processor which would force it to stay at its max at all times which would consume a lot more energy.

    This is a feature which is introduced to save power and yet deliver the performance when needed.

    Don't worry about voltage / clocks / loads fluctuating, that is normal and it happens on almost all CPUs / GPUs now a days (Mine too).

    The reason why your older one didn't had this thing was due to the fact it had static voltage / clock speeds enabled.
  4. thanks.. an explaination is exactly what i was lookin for.
  5. Mico Austria said:
    thanks.. an explaination is exactly what i was lookin for.

    Anytime mate. :)
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