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Overclocking XFX 750i

Hi peeps i have xfx 750i MB Q6600
Whenever i go into the bios i dont see MotherBoardIntelligentTweaker anymore there is a cell menu but it doesnt give me the option to change the cpu freq i have tried ctrl f1 f5 etc.
Any1 got any ideas i used to have it oced @3ghz looking to make it 3.2 any tips please?
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    MIT is for Gigabyte-only
    XFX might even use the names the other vendors use :D well..That theory=fail;somewhat.
    I think you want "JOC overclock function"
    And there may be jumpers you have to move..You may wanna read the mobo manual on that one.
  2. Yes i have joc1 overclock function and have moved the pins into overclock position green led
    But i still dont see a cpu freq but can alter multiplier etc
    Yeah its the exact same as that screenshot dont see anywere to enter cpu frequency on them pics either only fsb clock
    but i know i had it set to 333 in the passed stuck on 266 atm and cant raise multiplier passed 9 to get more out
    Could i just raise the FSB Freq to 1333?


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  3. Maybe go into bios and look for something that says "266"?
    It's an AMIBIOS..should be under "Cell Menu"
    Jack up the thing that says "FSB" thees is how u OC 775
    Multi should be 9..or 8 if you want higher RAMs
    what fsb frequency would u recommend for 3.2ghz?

    cpu volt + 0.0125
    mem volt - 1.9
    fsb volt - 1.275
    nb volt - 1.28
    core volt 1.296
    sb volt - 1.5
    3.2ghz @40ish c
    Thanks schmuckley :)
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