This is not vs products that don't equal the same value.

Lets say AMD A8-6600K vs AMD athlon x2 370 + radeo HD 6670 2GB. which one would get higher bench marks. I'm wondering because i'm going to make a cheap gaming computer and I'm on the ropes about the APU idea.
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  1. The A8-6600K is a better CPU, but the 6670 is a much better GPU. It's hard to tell which would get better benchmarks. But benchmarks aren't what you're looking for. You're looking for game performance.
  2. which 6670? Gddr5 or ddr3?

    Also that A8 is a quad core so cpu wise faster and id say the A8 would be close to the 6670 performance, but after everything u could just go get a fx 4300 and a 7750/7770 would be best, but id say apu over the x2 and 6670 but get the A10 over the A8, the gpu will be better and using at least 2133 ram helps the integrated graphics quite well and a 7750 can be ran in dual graphics with it to add later and at the moment u can get 2400Mhz 8gb ram so the cost of 2133 and even 1866 and 1600.

    Or go with a dedicated card like a 7750 or even the 6670 as long as the cpu is better lets say a quad core at least like a phenom II x4 965 or athlon II x4 640, and some would say get a pentium but my personal preference is get a quad core
  3. The A8 should be just a little bit under a Anthlon X4 660 + a DDR3 version of the HD6670.
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    I will just add the integrated Radeon HD 7660D and integrated Radeon HD 8760D with DDR3 2133MHz RAM is the equivalent to a desktop Radeon HD 6670 with DDR3 RAM.

    A Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 GPU has 74% the performance of a Radeon HD 6670 DDR5 GPU. That means the Radeon HD 7660D / HD 8760D and HD 6670 DDR3 are basically halfway between the performance of a desktop Radoen HD 5570 and Radoen HD 5670 graphics card.
  5. That is what i was wanting to know. I have heard if you use high MHz ram with an APU it get great performance for the price. I love the Idea of an APU and want to use it on a my new build. Thank you :)
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