New build, hx 850 vs ax 850, Obsidian 650d vs Fractal Define R4

Hello guys

I am building my first system. 4770k, Asus Sabertooth z87, gtx 780 and corsair 16gb DDR3 ram.
I wanted to ask what is the difference between:

Corsair AX 850 Gold Certified


HX 850 Gold Certified
And which one is preferable please 

Also, for the case I am stuck between:

Fractal Define R4


Corsair Obsidian 650d

I really like the look of 650d, don’t mind to pay a bit extra, plus I am ok with the adapter for usb 3. Just wanted to know if 650d is all good for air cooling and silence. Or do I have to go with BitFenix 200mm Spectre PRO Fan and a non standard fan in the back to make it better.

I am not planning on overclocking yet, maybe going SLI in the future and overclocking then. Building a machine for hard earned cash here and wanted to make it cool.

Thanks a bunch guys, much appreciate it!!! :)
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  1. The AX PSU is officially compatible with Haswell CPUs, as for the cases it's mainly aesthetics but once you post the rest of what you want in the case we can't tell you if there will be a problem or not.
  2. Ok this is my setup so far:

    - intel 4770k
    - Asus Sabertooth Z87
    - WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive
    - Samsung 840 Series Pro 256GB
    - Evga gtx 780 acx
    - Corsair Dominator Platinum 16gb
    - Pioneer BDR-208DBK 15x
    - bequiet! Dark Rock 2 CPU cooler (not sure if I can fit Corsair Dominator Platinum with this cooler)
    - Corsair Air Series SP120 Quiet Edition
    - BitFenix 200mm Spectre PRO Fan
    - PSU Corsair AX 850
  3. HX series has better voltage regulation and lower ripple than the AX series and is also compatible with Haswell

    Save $28 in the MoBo / CPU combo

    Or save $100 on the combo + $10 coupon code with the Pro

    Unless you can conform the PCB and VRM design on the EVGA cards, I would avoid them unless its the Classified model.... nice coolers, but Id be concerned about the weak VRM that has historically been used in the SC and other versions in last 2 generations.

    id use the Phanteks (5 year warranty, great aesthetics, good acoustics, top thermals),14.html
  4. Would get fractal
  5. get the fractal instead of the obsidian. same quality, half the price

    the hx 750 or 850 is a great option

    as for your build

    -do not get a i7 for gaming
    -the sabertooth is a total scam. get the z87x-ud3h from gigabyte
    -there is no benefit from going from a blue to a black series drive
    -the plextor m5s for 169.99 will perform the same in real life
    -dont even bother with dominator platinums. they dont perform better yet you pay 2x the price for a few dim lights
    -do not bother with blu-ray if you dont watch blu-rays
    -id get the phanteks tc12dx instead. cheaper and cools just as well without incompatability issues
    -no need for more fans
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