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HI, I currently have a card that does me well but im looking to upgrade to something better I only play games such as Blacklight retribution,TF2,Blackops 2
and im getting 60-80fps but would like a better card either AMD, nVidia not really fussed my budget is around 100GBP my current card is a HD 6570 2GB sapphire which benches "746"

AMD FX 6300 6core 3.5 with 4.1 boost
HD 6570 2GB sapphire edition
8GB elite team DDR3 ram at 1330mhz or something 2X4 GB stick's
500w PSU
ASRock n68c-gs fx
western 1TB black edition
Windows 7 professional 64 bits
so any help would be appreciated thanks guys don't mind where I buy it from as long as its via PayPal :)
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    What EXACT model PSU do you have? If you don't have it post a photo of the sticker with the specs on.

    Good options at 100GBP :
    HD7790 :
    GTX650ti :

    The AMD HD7790 is slightly better with more VRAM than the GTX650 ti, but they are both good options.
  2. yeah I was looking toward the HD 7750 DDR5 that benched around 1500 but for the same price the HD 7790 benches 3000 so yeah I think I will go for the HD7790 and the PSU erm im not sure was like 40 pound or something but its fine this weekend im getting a OZC 800w and a card and I just wanted to no which card to get :) so thank you very much I will go for this option :)
  3. 800w is very much overkill. A decent 550W is more than enough for a single card, even the most powerful. It just needs to be a reliable manufactured PSU from Corsair or OCZ or XFX and so on.
  4. yeah I no that just my local pc shop has the card in stock but there is a huge deal on the psu so I thought id kill 2 birds with 1 stone basically :)
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