PC is not dual booting after installing Windows 8.1 Preview with Windows 8 Pro

I have Windows 8 Pro in C drive. Installed Windows 8.1 Preview using USB. After entering the Key & the installation process. The computer restarted as per the command. I entered the Boot mode by clicking DEL key & change back the boot priority to Hard drive & restarted. The computer is going directly into the Windows 8 Pro lock screen. Its is not showing or asking for Two OS selection... What should I do.??
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  1. Saw this in an article a couple days ago...

    "Installing from the Store will upgrade the existing Windows 8 OS on that partition to Windows 8.1 Preview," reads Microsoft's Q&A. "You will not be given the opportunity to select another partition, so you would need to already have a dual boot system installed in order to install Windows 8.1 Preview as a dual boot through Windows Store."

    Did you have a dual boot already setup or just Win 8 Pro only?
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