My stock fx6300 is running hot.

Stock everything on a m5a97 mobo.
When i open HWmonitor I have a cpu temp at IDLE!!! of 46-47C, and a temperature under AMD FX6300 jumping around from 30-42C at idle.
alittle bit of bf3 and my cpu temp is at 65c+ and the temp under my fx630 tab is 61-62C.

im in a cool room with a antec 900 case will all the fans on. It is cool, no reason to be so hot.

stock cooler, no overclock. my fan has never been under 2500rpm....
just defaults.

question two....
I hear a high pitched squeak and with chrome open... when i close chrome it stops. open chrome it begins.... whatt???
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  1. anyway I had a funny outcome.....
    Went i built my lga775 board around 6 years ago i installed a zalman 9500a cooler on it.
    I remember it being difficult to install but i got it to work.
    So i pulled that cooler of my old mobo and found out i was using the amd socket to make that cooler fit! (it survived 6 years!!)
    anyway it fit perfectly on the stock mounts this mobo has..... on full load with prime 95 in background right now! im at 47C with the fan on the lowest setting and the AMD FX6300-package tab at 33C.
    At the highest fan setting im at 30C at the AMD-package tab, and 44C on my CPU full load...

    that stock cpu cooler is a POS!!
    this one is way quieter too!
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