How do I get data from crashed HDD to new PC

I just got a new PC 'cause the harddrive in my old one crashed but I needed the data on it for work so is there a way I can save the files I needed for work from my old PC and get it on my new one? Access and extract it somehow? Any way at all??

Thanks for the answers so far. You have been pretty helpful. I'm sorry I was hasty about dubbing the "Best solution" but considering I only had 2 options so far and the other guy said I remind him of the "mentally challenged", I went with the first one. However, read the rest of the answers for better solutions.
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    You can send the harddrive to a Data recovery company and pay them a couple grand... Memory does not store Data after power is off and it wouldn't have all your Data anyway
  2. LOL.. you remind me of a "mentally challenged" guy at work..
    after I explained 100 times the difference between RAM and Hard disk space.. he never got it...
    (he kept ringing me. asking why he getting "out of memory" errors when he had x hundred MB of spade on HD (was a long time ago.. when 100MB was a lot)).

    To answer your question.. yes.. there is a way.. but if you don't know difference between hard disk space and RAM.. Im not going to try explain it to you.

    Cheers and good luck :)
  3. You could put your old hard drive in as a secondary drive or in a external enclosure and connect it to your pc using an esata port and use a data recovery program like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
  4. Crashed as in dead, won't spin up? If it will spin up plug it into a working/booting PC and see if you can access the data...often you can. If it doesn't spin up, it might be a frozen head, take the drive and tap it on the side of it and possibly the end that doesn't have the connectors on it, not real hard, but firmly. This will often free the head and it will spin up, if this works, run CHKDSK on it to have all sectors checked, repaired if possible, and data moved to a good sector...might lose some data, but better than dropping a grand with a data recovery company
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