Overclocking a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300

so ive come to realize that my cpu is being a bit of a bottleneck to my system
i recently got a GTX650TI 2gbOC and its cant reach its max potential because of my cpu [and ram also].

psu-600W dual 12v rails
cpu- Q8300 2.5ghz
gpu- asus gtx650ti 2gbOC
motherboard- i wish i new [gateway sx2802-03 model] G43 socket
ram- 6gb 800mhz ddr2

cpu: 40C [idle] 60C [max]
gpu: 30C [idle] 55C [max]

i know that my ram is going to limit the OCing capabilities but if i could get a little more umph out of the cpu that would be nice
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  1. To OC your CPU, you normally raise the FSB i.e. from 1333 to 1600 or whatever, but if Gateway, imagine it's a locked BIOS, so can't
  2. The ram has nothing to do with overclocking. The motherboard is your limiting factor and the cpu isn't known for much overclocking, maybe a couple hundred mhz, but most pre-builts have locked bios so you out of luck there.
  3. You might could download Setfsb and overclock a little..not really much..20 fsb or so.
  4. Or look for a different socket 775 mobo, actually the 8300 was/is a good OCer
  5. If that q8300 is a Yorkfield;It should overclock pretty good.
    You'd need a p35/p45/x38/x48 775 mobo though.
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