GTX760 worth adding a GTX260 Core 216 as a Physx card ?

so I've just upgraded from a GXT260 SLI set-up to a GTX760. Is it worth keeping one of them as a Physx card ?
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  1. Test your games to see. The 760 is not that slow of a card and may have enough to keep the games + physx going without issues.
  2. Depends on what games you play. If you play Physx supported games (Arma III, Batman, Borderlands 2, Metro etc) then you should keep the GTX 260. If not, then just sell both 260 and put it towards another GTX 760.
  3. i mostly play driving games, not sure if they make full use of Physx
  4. If thinking of buying one Id say no ..... have one sitting around doing nuthin' ? .... well thatz a "no brainer' :)

    And get the two batman games....Alice in Wonderland is fun too
  5. I have two sitting around doing nothing. Was thinking of selling them. Shame you can't get Physx SLI :)
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    There aren't any driving games that make use of GPU accelerated PhysX. Make sure you have some to play before installing the dedicated PhysX card. Here's a list of games:
  7. thanks for the link, i don't play any of these so the 260s are gone :)
  8. Good thinking. The GTX 760 ought to be able to do a good job on its own if you do pick up something like Borderlands 2, Metro Last Light, the Batman: Arkham games, or the upcoming Witcher 3.
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