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doubts about catalyst anty aliasing settings

Last response: in Video Games
June 27, 2013 7:12:57 PM

well.... i have bought an HD 7770 vapor X, i think all works just fine...

while playing GTA IV, i tried the options of the CCC drivers and i noticed that ussing this driver settings makes the game look a littel better with out much cost on FPS rate. also i can downgrade the AA for more FPS without sacrify the good graphics

but i want to know about anti aliasing, cose i dont know much about it

what is the best and most eficent filter??
standard or edge detect

does supersampling is the best method???? there is also mutiple sampling and multiple adapting sample (well i'm translating cose this thing installed itself in spanish :S)

so which is the best, yet eficient (for this card) way to configurate a good AA??