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Hi everyone,

im going to upgrade my old gpu with a 7970, my specs:

phenom II x4 955 3.6
16gb ram 1600mhz
mobo ma790fxt-ud5p
ATI Radeon sapphire 4890

so when i was searching for results on 3dmark i found this:

but then i thought upgrade all my rig will be better

alienware x51

intel 4770
nvidia 670

found this

so, dafuq with that scores??? its better keep my old phenom??

with that money i can buy 2 7970 and get better score or better fps

i cant buid my own pc because is cheaper buy the alienware than import pc components from USA because stupid shipment and taxes

please help :(

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  1. Best answer
    Huh? Just upgrade your video card, you processor is good enough.
  2. There's too much variables in the two tests.

    The 4770+670 one is done on a version 1.1 of Fire Strike and Phenom+7970 is done on a version 1.0.
    4770+670 is done on Windows 8 and Phenom+7970 is done on Windows 7.
    4770+670 is done on a HDD and Phenom+7970 is done on a SSD

    7970 is faster then GTX 670 especially when you push it to the limit. Don't buy alienware desktops, they're overpriced.
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