Need help deciding on what GPU to get with AMD a10-5800k CPU

Hello all,
I'm one of those newer folk to computers that think its alright to buy a prebuilt system (HP pavilion P7 1414 in this case) for gaming. I'm looking into upgrading it soon and according to this detailed specs page (
the best CPU I can put in it is the A10-5800k. I've researched this CPU and decided I will get it but I know it won't get me the best performance with its integrated graphics. So I am asking you what GPU will be the best choice to add. I wan't to stick to AMD cards and I've heard that the Radeon 7770 Class is a good pair but I also want to know If cross firing with a lesser card would yield more power. Also, can the current power supply handle any upgrades or should I upgrade it as well?

Thanks a lot.
P.S. Being 15, money is a limiting factor so keep recommended products below $200 please.
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  1. I have no answer for you. I just wanted to say thank you for being a well-spoken 15 year old.
  2. The A10-5800k can be crossfired in dual graphics mode with a discrete Radeon HD 6670 GPU. In some games it *may* yield better performance than just running a straight 7770 and in other games it will be slower. Depends on the game/application.
    Is your $200 budget for all upgrades?

    Another thing to remember is that in order to make the best of the on-board GPU on the A10-5800k, you need faster 1866 RAM and at least 8gigs (2x4 dual channel) because the iGPU uses some of that RAM. The difference in performance using the iGPU with 1866 RAM instead of even 1600 RAM can be quite significant. However, if you go the route of straight discrete GPU (no crossfire) then you can keep using the RAM you have. With your budget, that's probably your best bet.

    If you decide to use the iGPU and or crossfire that with a 6670, you'll first need to check if your motherboard supports that as well as 1866 RAM speeds. Overclocking can also give a nice boost to the iGPU's performance.
  3. Alright MEC-777, thank you for the response (And I apologize for taking so long to respond). I have at least 8 gigs of 1600 RAM and have decided on getting a 7770 (ghz edition) but I cant decide on which variant to pick, could you help me out on this? Heres a list of all my choices(
    I believe some of the more expensive ones have extra power for multiple monitors and I only have and plan on keeping one monitor so extra power isnt really needed. Also I'm not sure if any of these would require and upgrade in PSU so try to rule out any that do. Thanks.
  4. No prob. :)

    Go for a 2GB version and try to look for the higher GPU clock speeds among the variants. Read some of the reviews as well as sometimes you'll see common issues with certain card variants.
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