Computer Wont POST

I have installed everything into the case. All the fans are running. No POST bios screen is showing. Nothing plugged into the back panel is receiving power. For example keyboard or mouse. I do hear a beep. I took out the video card and still the heard the beep. I also took out the RAM out as well to hear the long beep, but did not hear anything. Just the normal short beep.

What is going on?
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  1. You should breadboard a new build like this out of the case to rule out hardware issues. Just the simple process of putting it in the case adds to the possibility of failure, if you build it piece by piece outside the case it narrows down the possibility of issues then you know your hardware is good and its just something simple like over tightened the mobo or a screw got dropped behind the mobo shorting it or something like that.
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