Lenovo y580 gaming laptop|unusual CPU temps,might be causing gaming problem?

Greetings community,

As i said i own a gaming laptop and recently this month my FPS is starting to become bad. example : at first i ran BF3 at high-ultra no problem,now i run it on medium with some lag-fps drops.

So i started rolling back changes i did this month :

-I had installed the new 320.18 nvidia driver,it gave me graphical issues. rolled back to 314.22 ( and now in this moment downloading the big 400mb nvidia driver from lenovo that is specific for my laptop to see if that works)
-upgraded to windows 8 from windows 7. so i rolled back to windows 7 in a fresh install of everything manually thus deleting any software that might've interfered.

I tried many things but those are the major ones above.

**Just one single thing i realized that was different is that usually my CPU idle temp is ~40 stable. now the idle temp is 46-50 degrees Celsius.
Now the laptop is new only about 4 months old so i don't think any heatsink weared off. Fans seem to be running correctly.
But in my country we are driving into summer season which today has a temp between 23-29. so i moved into a cooled room, not that much difference..

Im running out of options :S and i have a BIG fear if my GPU is damaged because i paid around 1300$ for the laptop.

My specs :
Geforce GTX 660M
8 GB ram
plenty of storage
intel core i7 3610 qm @ 2.3 GHz
windows 7 64 bit.

Any help would be appreciated, i'll be around to reply immediately. Thank you.
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  1. what are the temperatures of CPU/GPU for example when playing bf3?
  2. chromic said:
    what are the temperatures of CPU/GPU for example when playing bf3?

    mmm cpu and gpu vary around 62-70 max . never jumped over 70 .
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