ASRock Z77 Extreme4 vs MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming

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  1. I'd go with the Rock, I bought that exact model as a test board with a pre-release 3570K and figured I'd upgrade the mobo later, no need to. It takes all I throw at it and just smiles....I use this rig to test all kinds of DRAM, GPUs, drives, etc and no problems....on the other hand, I my self won't touch MSI for a new build, I suggest the big three to clients, Asus, the Rock or GigaByte.....Think you'd be quite happy with the Rock
  2. personally, i'd go with the G45 as it has good O.C capability and is designed for O.C ing and gaming. It has military calss III components, which is for O.C ing and stability. The ASrock is also good but the msi G45 is more worth the price and for the gpu how much are u willing to spend? Let us know. still i am providing u a link, i think it will fit in your budget id you want the best within 200$:
  3. As far as OCing, I run my 3570K at 4.7GHz 24/7 and take it up to 4.9 on occasion, stable but warmer than I like for 24/7, best I've gotten the MSI up to with a good 3570 Stable was right at 4.7 and it was 12 degrees warmer than my Rock...and only for a few hours using same other far as their so called military class components, just because they may meet a spec, doen't mean they are put together well, MSI has used this hype for quite a while now, but their QC and support just keeps their sales slipping lower and lower
  4. yeah i agree, but i don't think that he would be doing such extreme o.c as is done while benchmarking. ;)
  5. Mines not BMing, as stated 24/7 at 4.7, this is my main work secondary is a 2500K that runs 4.8MHz 24/7 these are always on....and for gamers and many high end users, 4.6/4.7 is common with the 3570 and 3770K CPUs
  6. Sourdip's right, although I plan to overclock in the future I don't plan to do it immediately. As for the graphics card, I plan to use the XFX Radeon 7850. Hmm and haad about NVIDIA vs RADEON, but I choose RADEON. Although, if any of you want to convince me to NVIDIA I would love to hear it. Thanks guys, heading towards ASRock although most of you make great points on the MSI.
  7. I lean toward nVidia, but love the 7850 and 7870 cards, they are nice cards, if expanding though to a 2 card, I like SLI over Xfire...that's a me thing....
  8. yeah,SLI is better than xfire as amd has micro stutter issues but very soon they will fix it. if u want to go with amd then:
    1.HD7850- (159$)
    2.HD7870- (199$)
    3.hd7950- (284$)
    4.hd7970- (329$)
    if with Nvidia:
    1.gtx650Ti Boost- (169$)
    2.gtx660- (184$)
    3.gtx760- (259$)
    4.gtx670- (324$)
    5.gtx770- (399$)

    now u tell me your budget and i shall guide u which would be the best and worth the money. do u want to SLI/Xfire in future? I think by then amd will solve their microstutter issue but if u don't want to take chances then go with nvidia.
    keep updating :)
  9. You guys have fun, have to hit the hay for a few hours ;)
  10. Here's my build so far :

    Intel core i7 3770k 250$

    ASRock z77 extreme 4 135$

    Either 650 ti or 7850

    Corsair Vengeance 4gb 40$

    Western Digital wd 1tb 7200 rpm 3.5" 70$

    ASUS DVD Burner/Drive/ blah 5.25" 19$

    Corsair HX series 80 plus gold modular 130$

    Corsair Vengeance series c70ATX mid tower 120$

    Plan to have a wireless adapter, as well as that cooler master cpu cooler, don't know the name of the darn thing but I will I get the name asap. Oh and my budget is about 1000-1200$
  11. I also plan to water cool when possible. Kinda like the look as well the, well.... WATER!!!
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    ok, i will try to keep the budget as low as possible and will try to give you a good gpu by investing less for a cpu(the i7-3770k would be a overkill for the hd7850/650ti boost)
    here's the link:

    i assume that u didn't include the monitor in your budget, if yes then:
  13. Forgetting about the budget what gpu will be equal compared to the i7? Other than that ill invest in the gpu with i5. All I really care about is video editing and gaming.
  14. Oh and sorry if I don't respond right away, got to hit the hay. And sourodip thanks your a freaking big help.
  15. go with the build i recommended, u would be more than fine :)
    and thanks; lol
  16. and don't forget to select a best answer :)
  17. One last question, I do have the intention of using this as my primary gaming source. Which means I have the intention of playing new games that are coming out this year. At the end of the day, NVIDIA or RADEON ? Which would guarantee my computer to be able to handle upcoming games ?
  18. I'd go nVidia, they seem to be a little ahead on the gaming and updtaes for the various games
  19. Also, if I would to say that I would be getting a gpu like nvidia 770 should I get 4th gen intel or am I fine with 3rd gen.
  20. u are fine with the 3570k, the haswell is not a big improvement and if u can go with the gtx770
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