can someone please tell me what type of psu this is

hello i have an hp small form factor with an odd power supply i tried a standard ATX power supply and all the computer did was beep so can some one look at these power supply specs and tell me what type of psu it is and also tell me if i have any options in terms of an upgrade to be honest my stock SFF psu is 240 watts and thats not enough for me

power supply:240-watt 85% efficient* BTX power supply – Active PFC
operating voltage range:90 to 264VAC
rated voltage range:100 to 240VAC
rated line frequency:50/60 Hz
operating line frequency range:47–63 Hz
rated input current:3.5A/1.75
heat dissipation:Typical 270 btu/hr
(68 kg-cal/hr)
Maximum 1025 btu/hr
(258 kg-cal/hr)
power supply fan:varriable speed fan

thoes are the specs fopr my pc its an

»HP Compaq dc5850 Small Form Factor PC (ENERGY STAR)
Serial Number: 2UA8321FGG
Product Number: AM500AW

i know i should just go buy a new pc but im on dissability and cant afford a new pc till xmas so im stuck with this pc so any help would be aprecitated if needed i can email a pic of what the psu looks like
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  1. That is a custom form factor power supply unit made specifically for HP.

    If you look at the back of the case you will see that the power supply is shaped like a lower case "d".
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    Here ^
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