HD5870 crossfire, squeezing the last juice in overclocking

Hello Tomshardware,

I built myself a new pc setup with a 4770k. I have decided to still use my old crossfire setup from my last pc, which is two HD5870's.

In the past, when I had only one HD5870, I could overclock my card from the standard 850/1200 to a nice 1020/1250 setup using MSI Afterburner. With two cards I can't get MSI Afterburner to work, it just reset's the standard speeds at startup, even when I save them into a profile. Is there anyway to overclock behond the normal 900/1300 without using MSI Afterburner? A program that can up the clocks and the voltage?

Thanks in advance for your advice and help!
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    sapphire trixx.
  2. chromic said:
    sapphire trixx.

    Thank you! Now running 1000/1250 crossfire! Thanks!
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