Upgrading my Graphics Card

Hello. I want to upgrade my graphics card on my old PC. I have problems, like, youtube lags on 240p; programs lag while rendering; almost every game lags on lowest settings. I want something better. I'm not going to play the all newest games. I'm going to play games such as Sims 3.. and I need an AGP board.

My PC:
MB: VIA P4PB 400 (I don't really know which I have, 'cause Speccy or sth doesn't show the info about)
CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0GHz (Socket 478)
RAM: 3GB (3x1GB) DDR400 Apacer
Current video card: Point-Of-View GeForce FX5500 256MB (AGP)
PSU: 450W (now I don't know the manufacturer)

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english. :)
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  1. What you need, is a system overhaul mate. Socket 478 O_o.

    And you can fill this out if you need just that:

    If you won't do that and solely want GPU info, you can fill this out:
  2. If I was you I would look into buying another PC even a 2nd one, yours is quite old and even if you could find an AGP card it would still not be worth it cause everything else would drag you down.

    For maybe $50 or $100 bucks you can buy a 2nd hand PC that would be like 3x faster than the one you have.
  3. socket 478 O.O i think its best for you to just buy a new system as i dont think AGP cards exist any more, you may be able to find a 2nd hand one though i doubt it.and any 2007+ game will lag on it as the CPU itself is from arround 2002. so you should be focusing on a new system build rather than just a gfx card.

    for about 150$ you can get a nice AMD APU with a decent iGPU to handle modern games at medium settings. if you have a tight budget, like 100$ or less you can get an old intel core 2 quad or duo with intel built in GPU like GMA X4500. you should be able to play sim's on probably medium, high if your lucky.
  4. any modern gpu will be bottle necked by your pc and ur pc dont have a pci-e slot also.
    It's time u should upgrade the whole pc to a better and cheaper one like this:
  5. RedWarrior said:

    "Socket 478"

  6. haider95 said:
    RedWarrior said:

    "Socket 478"

    +10 years old, I think.

    Thank you all for all the advices you guys gave to me. I will save money for it and will build a new computer. THANKS.
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    On a serious note, don't spend anymore money on that PC. But DO NOT get the PC that sourodip linked up there. He linked a PC with barely any customization headroom. Ask us for advice once you save up enough and we'll help you out.
  8. Thread cleaned up. These forums are not the place for childish insults.
  9. what childish insult's? those aren't childish insults!
    however, let the OP select the best answer and end this thread :)
  10. Hahaha. Everybudy complains about specs and PC im using now is worse :D

    Youtube might be web problem (mine runs quite nice at 720p if it loads first) but the fact is: you need new PC.

    @X79 I think your signiature is wrong on some moments.
    Comfortable browsing&multitasking is possible with less than 1GB ram.
    Avreage might be 2GB if your playing some games (lighter ones) but avreage user is usually just on facebook (...) and uses way less.
    Rare games (none normaly optimised) use 8GB ram but its usefull for future and if you have Fraps, BF3, Skype and 50 Chrome tabs open.
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