office 2007 + win8; shortcuts have CHANGED! help...

Hi all
I got myself a Lenovo Thinkpad E330, with Win8 home premium x64 (built-in),
and installed my Office 2007 in'it.

ctrl + c / v / s / a => doesn't work
i found that ctrl+s was replaced with shift+f12
shift+insert = paste
shift+del = cut

but how do i "copy" or "select all" ?

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  1. Those shortcuts should still work.
  2. but... they don't

    could it be a bug with office 2007 under win8 ?
  3. Maybe it's your keyboard settings or just your laptop?
    If you have, try a external USB keyboard and see if it does the same thing.
    I got Win8 and Office 2007. Those shortcuts Ctrl+C/V/S/A works for me.
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