I Need Instructions on how to Disassemble my Gateway NV55S

I own a Gateway NV55S that has a AMD A6-3400M APU With Radeon HD Graphics 4CPUs 1.4GHZ. Ok this laptop belonged to my younger bro and he bought it like 4 months ago. He played Minecraft everyday for +8 hour ever since it arrived in the mail. Last week the fan went out on it. We traded computers and now I use a cooling pad to use however I can't play any pc games because in under 30 minutes it will heat up and shut down. I bought a new fan however I can't seem to disassemble it. I removed every screw (even under the battery) and it still won't open. Anyone got a manual or something to help me out here?
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  2. mcnumpty23 said:

    That's it bro. Now I can change that fan. Thank! :D
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