gtx 770 vs 760

What are your thoughts on if i should put in the extra 150 bucks for the 770
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  1. I do not see why not IMO the 770 is an awesome deal and if you can get it then you should. The 760 is not bad though. Not even close.
  2. You would have to provide more info. What games are you planning to play in the upcoming years? What resolution are you using?

    If you play in 1080p, I'd get the 760. For instance, my monitor is 1920 x 1200 and I plan to get a 760 for myself. I currently use a 460 and so far it's been handling games surprisingly well, this is why I have a feeling that anything above a 760 would be overkill for those resolutions.

    If you use 2560 x 1440 or above, then the 770 makes more sense. Or for people with 2 or 3 monitors setups, 2 x 770s in SLI might be necessary.
  3. If you can get the GTX 770, get it. If you can't afford one and think the GTX 760 performs well enough for you, get the GTX 760.
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    The GTX 760 is a very good $250 video card. For the money it offers great performance.

    However, the GTX 770 is in my opinion the ultimate video card for playing @ 1080p. It will max out just about any current game title with fluid frame rates.

    Ultimately, as mentioned above, it really depends on what you will be playing at and what resolution. Also, depending on the deals for some folks a single AMD 7970 GHz Edition could be an option. I purchased the EVGA GTX 770 SuperClock ACX model for $419. It rocks, is quiet, and very cool. However, I had my brother buy the Sapphire 7970 GHz Edition Vapor-X from NewEgg for $349 as it was a big discount and came with 4 free games. He's been very impressed with it so far after 36 hours of playing games on it.
  5. Cool so if i wanted to max out crysis and the upcoming battlefield 4 I should definitley go with the 770?
  6. DaJoeMeister said:
    Cool so if i wanted to max out crysis and the upcoming battlefield 4 I should definitley go with the 770?

    These are probably the two most demanding titles on PC, so yeah if you have the money and don't want to take any chance and for the sake of being future proof, the 770 is definitely a good choice. One hell of a card too.
  7. You will want to get the GTX 770 like other have recommended. The one I linked is an awesome deal right now.
  8. If your focus is "Crysis 3" get the fastest card you can afford. LOL Even the GTX 770 won't do Crysis 3 @ 1080p with absolutely every setting at it's highest possible. Battlefield 4 should run pretty well on the GTX 770 is my presumption. It runs BF3 extremely well; though I presume BF4 would be at least slightly more demanding (unless they really tweak that engine a bunch).

    The MSI GTX 770 that byogamingpc linked to for $399 is a good option. MSI makes a solid product and their Twin Frozr cooler is respected.

    Other options would be the EVGA GTX 770 w/ ACX cooler, the Gigabyte GTX 770 Windforce 3, or an Asus GTX 770 DirectCU version. All of these are solid brands with good coolers on them.
  9. alright thanks alot for the responses im going to pick up the 770
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