Need to find an extension cable to help with USB wireless modem connection.

Looking for an extension cable for my USB wireless modem. i live in a half cellar flat and therefore my workspace is in somewhat of a shadow. My connectivity has been slow and frequently unstable where the signal either drops completely or is very weak causing numerous resets and timeouts. I figured if I could get a long enough cable (5m) I could place the modem at a level where it would be out of the ground shadow and this get a more stable signal.

However, All the ones I have tried so far power up the modem but do not send the signal back from the modem to the computer thus giving me a "No Device" error. I bought one yesterday which is an "Active Extension" which should have worked, but I the "No Device" message again.

Is there a special type of cable I need to look for to get this to work?

My only other options are is to go to a full cable connection or get a wireless router.

Cable internet usually comes bundled with Telly and phone service, (neither of which I have or want), or are very expensive on their own and usually involve signing a multi-year contract with penalties for early cancellation. Most cable plans also have usage limits which does not work for me as I work in 3D CG and frequently have to download large update files, some in excess of 250MB. There's also installation fees as well.

As to wireless routers I have no idea how to set one up. Supposedly for the particular service I have, there are some proprietary codes involved which as I understand make it difficult to configure a router correctly for their signal. The service provider sold it's own for a while but they were terribly expensive. The last time I brought this up to them they have tried to get me to upgrade to their new "Hotspot' modem that I can place anywhere and use my notebook's build in wireless to connect. However, that costs even more than the router did as well as involves an extra monthly surcharge. I'm also concerned about the security of the signal and if others within range would be able to connect, thus compromising my bandwidth.

The basic plan I currently have is Month to Month which on my budget is perfect. I also have unlimited usage/downloads which is why I would like to stay with it.
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    some cheap active extensions dont work well

    try getting one with decent feedback/reviews

    this seems to be not too bad
  2. mcnumpty23 said:
    some cheap active extensions dont work well

    try getting one with decent feedback/reviews

    this seems to be not too bad

    ...Thank you. The price is good, and looks like others who use USB routers and modems similar to mine found it a solution.

    The one I picked up yesterday (an older cable) also has the repeater but it still returned the "No Device" error. I noticed that the Roswell one mentions it supports Win7, I didn't realise that OS support was a factor. The system I will be using it on has XP (an old notebook).

    The odd thing is I am using a shorter cable now (1M w/resistor) which doesn't have the repeater and the modem activates properly., just slow and spotty as again It does not reach above the ground shadow.
  3. i bought some cheap 5m active usb extensions before for my alfa wireless usb adaptor

    didnt work

    spent a bit more for a better cable and worked perfectly
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