I need help with accessing my trivial data : WD My Passport Essential SE

I have "WD My Passport Essential SE" external hard drive ..
These days, every time I connected the device, it's been disconnected from computer
But since yesterday, When I connect it to computer, there won't be any evidence of connecting such as turning LED on. BUT, the fan will start to work without any connection.
I add this that my laptop & PC doesn't support USB3.0 .
Maybe it's the problem, or the cable problem or .... I don't know
Please help me
Thank You
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  1. Since when does the passport drive have a fan?
  2. popatim said:
    Since when does the passport drive have a fan?

    i don't know .. it just start to have a little shaking
  3. kate20 said:
    so is it the same cable you used previously? You may try it on other computer.

    Yes, i just have one cable :|
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