27-30 inch Monitor Suggestions

My budget is around 1000 for the monitor.

If you guys have any suggestions, I would like to hear it.

I'm currently looking at Dell 29 inch monitor, and not sure my gtx 770 will be good enough on ultra settings.

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  1. I have the Samsung 27 inch S27B970D and users at Newegg and Amazon are raving about its color and overall gaming picture with the factory calibration. I paid $999 usd at Amazon. It can have backlight bleeding as apparently many but not necessarily all pls/ips screens have to some degree. Mine has some on the right side. But I'm not returning it because it's not much of a problem in daytime or lighter scenes in games.

    For darker games I can use my 27" Apple Cinema Display, $980. Not as vivid a picture as the Samsung with out of the box factory calibration, but still a great picture. And my Samsung is more amazing for gaming graphics and some other applications. Here's a Tom's review of the Samsung up against a ViewSonic. A general summary is on the last page. I don't have the ViewSonic.

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