3D Computer monitor in the $300-$400 price range?

I shop at to begin with.
I just picked up a GTX 760 video card, as well as updating quite a bit of other hardware, and figure it's time for a new monitor, I currently have an ASUS VH242H 24" monitor (23.some odd inches).

I find the colors are a bit washed out, overall the picture just doesn't pop for me.

My questions are as follows:
1. Is there a 3D monitor in the $300 - $400 price range that is actually worth it, or are they all junk? Will a 3D Monitor turn any game I play into a 3D game with the aforementioned graphics card, or do games have to be 3D encoded? (specifically league of legends and world of warcraft)

2. If a 3D monitor is not worth it at that price range, which monitor in that price range gives the best bang for the buck. I'm currently sitting on a Macbook Pro - and I did not realize how washed out my ASUS Monitor is until I played a game on the Macbook - I'd like to try and get a picture that reflects the money I've put into my hardware.

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  1. Asus DOES have a passive 3d monitor which uses an ips panel. I recently purchased it and all games are converted to 3d through the monitor itself so it will work on all cards..also tridef software works on all cards and most games and has a great community of support for a game in not available yet

    this is the one I have
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    As far as 3D support goes, a bit less than half the games out there work well in 3D. With some mods, possibly more than half:

    Based on Nvidia's Database, WoW has excellent support, but LoL is listed as fair which is generally poor IMO.
  3. tosaytheleast said:
    You might also want to consider this monitor.

    I got it yesterday and I'm pretty satisfied with it when it comest o3D gaming. However this could have been better it's 1440. It has lower ppi but I could notice not much of big pixels while playing so I think this is good enouhh.

    That is a very poor choice for the video card he has. It probably wouldn't be able to do 3D at all, at best, he could use 3DTV Play to get it to work.
  4. Thanks guys, I ended up going with a BenQ XL2420TX - picture is good from what I saw at Best Buy and it's gotten good reviews.
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